Michael Marcian

Michael Marcian



Our company tagline captures the essence of what we do: ideas, insights and communications. I’ve been with Corporate Press my entire career, so making a difference with our customers is really embedded in my DNA!

As the leader of our company, not only do I have a fiduciary responsibility to the company and employees, but I’m driven by the desire to anticipate the changing needs of our clients. Providing intellect along with efficient and vast production capabilities is the foundation for our culture.

If you would like to learn the rest of what drives this company, you’ll have to give me a call!

Randy Sparrow

Randy Sparrow

General Manager - ColorCraft


The open road and adventure is what I see from the seat of my Harley. I love riding my bike to work, and letting the heart and the mind start early in the day. Once I get in the office, my active mind then starts the adventure of the day trying to translate the digitally created ideas of our customers into the analog world of paper and ink. The adventures our customers take us on everyday certainly keeps the mind active. The smile on my face from seeing the creations of our customers come to fruition is a great way to get the endorphins kicking in before riding the bike back through concrete jungle home.

Hutch Taylor

Hutch Taylor

General Manager of Grand Format



In Grand Format we make it happen. We’ll happily “reinvent the wheel” to provide the client with the unique personalized items that they are looking for. As the General Manager of the division I make myself available to the clients, sales team and executive team as a resource to provide the insight and vision needed to pull everything together. No challenge is too big (or small) and no turnaround is too quick (usually!). With twenty-five plus years of figuring it out, I’ve seen just about everything, but am always ready for new challenges.

In my spare time it’s all about sports. I coach my sons in basketball and lacrosse, enjoy playing golf and skiing, and since I don’t get yelled and screamed at enough on a daily basis I officiate high school football during the fall.

Chris Edgar

Chris Edgar

Vice President of Sales



As a soccer player and coach, it is important to find the best players for each position. Here at Corporate Press, we have the finest employees in many departments with exact, accurate, and detailed information to support your vast needs. Let me know your necessities and I will coach the best team for you. Contact me to learn about our (award-winning; successful; unbeatable) team.

Account Executives

Kali Bowers

Account Executive


Within 30 minutes of meeting me, odds are you’ll learn two things: I am huge fan of Clemson football (go Tigers!) and I genuinely enjoy creating relationships and helping others – both externally and internally at Corporate Press and ColorCraft.

As an Account Executive, I am always thrilled at the opportunities to partner with clients to work together and connect-the-dots between the creative and the manufacturing parts of a project. From start to finish, I can promise you that I’ll be just as invested in your work as you are. Feel free to call, text, or email me anytime – I’d be happy to join you in your next brainstorming meeting!

Doug Cox

Account Executive


My professional drive and desire are in collaborating with clients to identify innovative solutions that perform. I thrive in customer partnerships that lean on my expertise in identifying winning combinations of persuasive messaging with inspiring graphics in a compelling advertising vehicle. I feel most rewarded when my clients’ work is delivered on time, on budget and surpasses expectations. Let’s collaborate…let’s win!

Kevin Dunn

Account Executive



From a long line of New York City Mad Men, I left NYC for the DC area where I began the 4th generation of Dunn marketers. Now, with 30 years experience here in direct-mail sales solutions, graphics, publications and integrated segmented marketing, I partner as a strategic consultant with national companies and major non-profits to promote their products and missions. I know that while social media, websites, e-mail blasts and mobile marketing alone only get single-digit attention at best, direct-mail is looked at by end-users 84% of the time. When direct-mail is coupled with cross-media campaign efforts to the correct demographic, even this high percentage goes up. Let’s talk about your direct-mail pieces and if your collateral cross-channels are relevant, targeted, and dynamic. I can help you analyze what’s needed and work with you to determine honestly the appropriate marketing or fund-raising campaign, assist with managing it, and give it my personally attention every step of the way.

Bill Giles

Account Executive



Calm, collected, service oriented, experienced, highly trustworthy, patiently persistent, and quietly confident.

My job is to learn about your business, its challenges and opportunities, and provide you the highest value with professional and effective results. At Corporate Press we view our client relationships as trusted partnerships. I make sure the company understands your expectations and drive us to live up to them. Give me a call, let’s get started on a new partnership to excellence.

Kevin Haiz

Account Executive


I have spent over 20 years in the Direct Marketing arena and accomplished much. But my greatest achievement by far, is my daughter Isabella. My strengths are abundant creativity, excessive drive and solid leadership. I thrive on challenges, particularly those that expand my knowledge base and allow me to learn something new.

Bryan Koons

Account Executive



So I’m an 80’s kid, do you remember the video game Pitfall? If not, let me give you the scoop. It’s about a guy running through the jungle swinging on vines over crocodiles and jumping over pits to get to the treasure at the end.

Well, to me, the final product that we create together is the treasure that you are looking for. I believe it is my job to help you navigate through the jungle of options and challenges that can arise during the production process for a printing or large-scale signage project. So let’s discuss your projects early so I can be your tour guide through this print production jungle to get you to the treasure without falling into a pit.

Ray Miller

Account Executive



By nature, I am a very competitive person. I excel at most underhanded sports, in fact I am ranked in the top 100 horseshoe players in the World and have beaten a competitor ranked as high as 7th in the world. As a younger man I wanted to be a professional bowler, 220 average to this date. I enjoy dancing and have taken several ballroom lessons.

My role at Corporate Press is to communicate to our clients the best way for our equipment to fit their needs. I enjoy figuring out the best way to make our clients happy with the end results, therefore making me the hero. Did I mention that I am a competitive person?

Christa O'Brien

Christa O’Brien

Account Executive


Yes, I am in sales. I’ve been in the print industry now for almost half my life, and I really do love my customers. I consider many of them to be my friends. Just think, in a single day or week – we call, email, text, and meet up to review a new project or rehash an old one. It’s really all fun to me! One thing you can count on is that I will always greet you with a smile, and work hard to make sure your projects are successful.

As a former collegiate athlete, my motto was always to “Remember the Three D’s – Drive, Determination and Dedication”, when training, practicing and at game time. These values still hold true today with my work and my family. I juggle “terrible two” twins and a sassy 4 year old, and being a mom has made me a better, more understanding, patient sales lady!

Please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email me. I would love to help with your next print/mail adventure!

Randy Rubin

Corporate Sales


Having a passion for creativity has allowed me to offer clients options that will add value to their products and services.
Grand format offers a wide range of options in showcasing a client’s specific message to the consumer. Special events, conferences, trade show exhibits, vehicle wraps and wall decor are just a few examples that enhance that message.

Feel free to reach out to me, I would be glad to assist you in developing a plan that will fit your grand format requirements.